New Mobile Suit Gundam Anime Announced By Sunrise

Gundam fans, get ready to rock because Sunrise is coming in with a brand-new anime! If you have been keeping up with the fandom, then you know that rumors have suggested a new series was in the works at the studio. Now, those reports have been shown to be true thanks to Sunrise's latest announcement. Not long ago, the company confirmed it will debut a new Mobile Suit Gundam anime this summer as an online exclusive series.

Mobile Suit Gundam: Twilight AXIS will be turned into an online anime and get its premiere this June. The anime air exclusively for members of the official Gundam Fan Club. The story is based off a novel written previously by Kojiro Nakamura. The canon book takes place in the Universal Century 0096 shortly after Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn ends. It follows a set of three mechanics-come-researchers who are on an exploratory mission just outside of Earth's orbit.

Arlette Armaju is a former weapons developer for the Principality of Zeon while Danton Haireg acts as the team's former test pilot. The two characters take part in the research team sent to observe the broken Axis outside of the planet's orbit. Two new mobile suits will also debut with the anime: the Gundam AN-01 Tristan and the Zaku III Kai.

If you don’t know much about the franchise and want to know more, then you can join the anime’s fandom at any time. Having debuted in 1979, the first Mobile Suit Gundam anime debuted in Japan to mixed reviews. However, time treated the series kindly, and generations of anime lovers have since ranked the franchise as one of anime’s most influential to date. The show’s action-packed inclusion of massive tech suits was a hit amongst fans, and its compelling war story also left audiences on edge.

Set in a distant future, Mobile Suit Gundam tells the story of a war that breaks out between two factions, and the bloody conflict sees its tides turn with a teenage boy unveils a new robotic weapon to the battlefield. Over the years, several spin-off titles have been released which expand upon the massive war, exploring different factions and teams who helped fill in the frontlines.

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(Photo: Sunrise Inc. )

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