Hunter x Hunter Publisher Gives Update On Series Hiatus

There are few fans in the anime world more patient than Hunter x Hunter lovers. The story is one of the industry’s most popular shonen titles, but content for Hunter x Hunter has waned in recent years. Creator Yoshihiro Togashi is known for putting the series on hiatus, but the title’s most recent break has been particularly hard on fans. And, now, the publisher of Hunter x Hunter has given an update on the on-going hiatus.

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Spoiler: it’s not a reassuring check-in.

Not long ago, fans of Hunter x Hunter grew excited about the possibility of the hiatus ending. News broke that a compilation manga volume would be released later this June. The announcement led fans to speculate that Togashi was preparing to resume work on Hunter x Hunter, but fans should not hold their breath.

When Get News asked Shueisha about whether the hiatus for Hunter x Hunter was ending, the publisher didn’t give fans any hope.

“Regarding the serialization’s resumption, that is undecided at this current point. Once determined, it will be formally announced the magazine,” Shueisha explained.

For now, it seems like Hunter x Hunter has more time left on its hiatus. In 2017, no new content has been published for the manga series. Togashi went on an indefinite hiatus last June, and Shueisha said it would let fans know when Hunter x Hunter would resume when a decision had been made.

Fans were particularly peeved about the hiatus given the number of hiatuses Hunter x Hunter has undergone. The title was put on hold between August 2014 and April 2016. The manga then resumed for a couple months before Togashi announced another hiatus was being put in place.

At this point, fans are naturally beginning to wonder if Hunter x Hunter will ever get closure. In the past, rumors have circulated that Shueisha has wanted to use other artists to pen the series in Togashi’s absence. The artist, who suffers from chronic back pain, has been unable to work because of his condition. Many have hoped the artist’s wife may stop in to help, but the idea seems far-fetched. Togashi’s wife may be the writer of Sailor Moon, but her take on Hunter x Hunter cannot compare with what Togashi envisions for characters like Gon Freecs.

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Hopefully, fans will get to learn more about the monster hunter in the future. But, until then, fans can only bide their time as Shueisha looks to fill in the gap which Hunter x Hunter has left behind.

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