Batman/Superman's Greg Pak and Jonathan Coulton to Launch Code Monkey Comix?

What is Code Monkey Comix?

That's what I had to wonder about an hour ago when Twitter informed me that someone in my contacts list had signed up for a new account. With the name "Code Monkey" as their headline and the Twitter handle CodeMonkeyComix, I'm presently its only follower (and Code Monkey isn't following anyone yet, for their part)...

...but it does recall that recent news that Internet music superstar Jonathan Coulton, whose biggest hit is arguably the song "Code Monkey," plans to launch a comics project with Batman/Superman writer Greg Pak.

Of course, it could be a coincidence, and there could be someone else in my e-mail address book who signed up for a Twitter account with this improbable username (it's hard to tell, since Twitter doesn't tell you who your "friend" is when alerting you they've joined, assuming that they've used their real name on Twitter and you'll know)--but what's more fun to speculate is what shape a "Code Monkey Comix" might take--would that be the name of a title, for instance, or a publisher?

E-mails to representatives for Pak and Coulton had not been returned as of press time.

Not long ago, Coulton had a high-profile feud with the producers of Glee, who appropriated his arrangement of a cover song and used it, claiming that since it was a cover, Coulton was not entitled to acknowledgment for his arrangement. They also never totally admitted they had taken his arrangement, maintaining it was possible they just came up with a similar arrangement--but a minor lyrical change made by Coulton was retained, which gave away that particular game.

It's unlikely he'll use anything like this for any potential Code Monkey comic book, but here's an animated music video for "Code Monkey."