The Walking Dead's David Morrissey Studied Bill Clinton To Play The Governor

David Morrissey Larry King NowIn an interview on Larry King Now, Larry King brought up that he had heard that David Morrissey studied former President Bill Clinton in preparing for his role as The Governor. David Morrissey replied, “I studied Clinton for his accent, not for any motivation.”

Larry King tried to convince Morrissey to do a Bill Clinton impression, but he wouldn’t do it. Morrissey added, “It’s for my character I sort of studied him, but also I did study leadership a lot. I studied how our leaders work, how our leaders manipulate their populace, all that. You know, it's not just Clinton, but Tony Blair and stuff like that, you know we all went to war on the promise of WMD, and they weren’t there.”

Check out the full Larry King Now interview below, which features both David Morrissey and Laurie Holden. The Walking Dead Season Three Finale airs on Sunday, March 31st starting at 9 PM ET on AMC.