Wonder Woman Movie Would Be Bigger Than Man Of Steel According To Top Financial Website

Wonder Woman MovieCould a Wonder Woman movie be bigger than the Man Of Steel? That's the case that an expert on the top financial-services website Motley Fool is trying to make. In a You Tube video, Motley Fool expert Tim Beyers claims, "I would go so far as to say, 'Done right, a Wonder Woman film could outdo Man Of Steel, and I think by a lot.'"

Beyers lists two main reasons why he thinks Wonder Woman could beat Superman at the box office. Beyers points to both the mythology appeal and The Hunger Games effect. Beyers says, "Wonder Woman has a lot of Greek mythology baked into her origin story, and it pervades the entire comic. I think that can be very interesting, and Marvel did a really good job using mythology to introduce Thor, and Thor was a very successful film."

Beyers also adds, "Two is the Katniss Everdeen effect. Lionsgate films did remarkable well with the first Hunger Games film, almost $700 million dollar box office worldwide, and now there are going to be four Hunger Games films." Beyers continues, "Creating a character that is a warrior, that is also a beloved character to begin with, make her a real warrior, very tough, that appeals to both men and women could make for a really powerful introduction."

So do you agree with Beyers? I tend to agree, and I would say there are other reasons that Wonder Woman could be a huge film. A third reason is what I will call The Avengers affect. There have been a lot of successful male superhero solo films over the years, but The Avengers was the first large scale superhero team movie. People wanted to see The Avengers partially because it was something different than the typical male superhero solo film.

While there have been a couple low budget female superhero solo films, there has never been a female superhero solo film on the scale of a Man Of Steel movie. A Wonder Woman film would be something different that fans would rush out to see.

Fourth is there is the nostalgic effect of the Wonder Woman TV series. It was one of the biggest and most beloved shows of the seventies. Wonder Woman is a film that would span the generational age gap and appeal to both young and older viewers.