The Walking Dead: Will Glenn & Maggie Reunion Prove Tragic?

The Walking Dead Season 4

There is very little that happens on The Walking Dead without a reason. An overwhelming theme of the second half of Season 4 has revolved around Glenn and Maggie’s overwhelming desire to be reunited.

Even though Abraham claims that getting Eugene to Washington could be the solution to ending the zombie crisis, Glenn is more concerned with finding his lost love Maggie. On the flip side, Maggie seems to not be giving a second thought to the fate of her younger sister Beth, but she’s slaughtered a bus full of walkers and left blood-smeared messages for her man Glenn.

Could the very fact that they appear to be putting being together above everything else be foreshadowing that things are not going to end well for them?

When EW confronted Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman with the question of if Glenn and Maggie being the show’s only consistent couple as meaning they would be more or less likely to die, Kirkman laughed and said, “I’ll never tell. Watch the rest of the season.”

Spoiler Warning: The remainder of this article contains a spoiler for the comic book series.

While Kirkman might have refused to answer the question, he’s already given his answer if history is any indication. Romance seems to be a sure-fire recipe for death on The Walking Dead. Lori Grimes hooked up with Shane, while Rick was believed to be dead, and she met a tragic fate.

Andrea and Lilly both hooked up with The Governor, and they are all dead now. Lizzie shot Tara’s girlfriend Alisha in the head. All of Beth’s boyfriends seem to meet a tragic fate, and Beth herself was recently taken.

And of course, in the comic book series, Glenn has already been killed off.

Will The Walking Dead TV series follow the comic series in killing off Glenn? Or will the TV series completely shake things up by killing off Maggie instead? Or could it be that some other tragic fate besides death will befall Glenn and Maggie?

According to a report in the National Enquirer, Walking Dead producers are planning to create a love triangle with both Daryl and Glenn battling for Maggie’s affections. However, such a storyline really seems outside of Daryl’s character, as he doesn’t appear to be the type to try to steal Glenn’s girl. Plus, if producers were planning to go that route, they probably would have put Daryl alone with Maggie instead of Beth, when the group was split up after the prison attack.

Another possibility is that Maggie’s sister Beth could meet a tragic fate, which might make Maggie feel guilty about how much more concerned she was with finding Glenn than little sister.