The Walking Dead: Scott Gimple Says Bones Don’t Necessarily Mean Cannibals In Terminus


The big assumption by most viewers of The Walking Dead is that the people of Terminus are cannibals. There is a great deal of compelling evidence which back up the possibility, not the least of which was a scene in the Season 4 Finale that showed Rick, Michonne, Daryl, and Carl running past what appeared to be a lot of bloody human bones.

In an interview with the print edition of TV Guide (on newsstands now), The Walking Dead showrunner Scott Gimple confirmed that the bones in the Season 4 Finale were human, but he warned viewers not to assume the people of Terminus were cannibals.

“As far as the bones go, that doesn’t necessarily mean that they ate those people – but it definitely doesn’t seem like anything good happened, either," said Gimple. "We’re going to learn more about Gareth and Terminus [early next season], with answers that will come fast and furious.”

So what about that big grill that Mary was cooking on? Gimple has an explanation for that as well.

“They have a grill, but it might have simply been a parallel to the fact that [a barbecue] was the meeting place of everybody in the prison community,” said Gimple.

It’s a good point made by Gimple. If someone had come upon the prison community when Carol was cooking at the grill, then would they have assumed the prison community were cannibals.

Could there be some other explanation for the bones besides the people of Terminus being cannibals? There is a deleted scene from the Season 4 Finale, which shows Rick’s group confronting chained up walkers with human remains on the floor. Could it be that instead of the people of Terminus eating people that they are feeding people to walkers for some reason? Maybe the walkers are former residents of Terminus, and they are being fed humans to keep them happy and full.