Man Of Steel’s Henry Cavill Wins Best Hero MTV Movie Award For White House Down?

MTV Movie Awards Best Hero Henry Cavill

Poor Superman, he just can't get no respect. Not only did MTV not announce Henry Cavill winning the Best Hero Award during the 2014 MTV Movie Awards telecast, but when they did announce it after the show, they got the movie he appeared in wrong.

On the MTV website, MTV posted the image and text above declaring Henry Cavill as the winner of Best Hero for his performance as Clark Kent in White House Down as directed by Zack Snyder. The only problem of course is that it was Channing Tatum and not Henry Cavill that was in White House Down.

Considering Tatum's popularity with MTV viewers, the mistake does raise the question of whether it was Henry Cavill or Channing Tatum that actually won the award. Tatum did receive a Trailblazer Award during the show, and there was no mention of him winning Best Hero.

The official MTV Winner's List press release also listed Henry Cavill as the winner and correctly identified him as being in Man Of Steel, so we're guessing he was the real winner.