Ultra Beasts to Invade Pokemon Trading Card Game This November

by Christian Hoffer

The Ultra Beasts are coming to the Pokemon Trading Card Game. The popular card game revealed that its new "Crimson Invasion" expansion will hit the US and Europe in November.

The new set will heavily feature the Ultra Beasts, a group of interdimensional and powerful Pokemon introduced in Pokemon Sun and Moon. Silvally, a genetically modified Pokemon created to mimic the Legendary Pokemon (and creator of the Pokemon Universe) Arceus, will also be a featured Pokemon in the set.

Crimson Invasion will have over 110 cards, including 8 new GX cards, which are typically the most desired cards in the set. There will also be a special Energy Card that will likely give the Ultra Beasts some sort of special boost.

The Ultra Beasts played a critical role in the plot of Pokemon Sun and Moon and continued the franchise's exploration of alternate universe. The games also had a storyline in which the player teamed up with an international task force to capture Ultra Beasts that had escaped into the Alola Region using special Beast Balls.

Two Ultra Beasts Premium Collections were also announced as part of the set. Each Premium Collection will come with two special promotional Ultra Beast cards, plus eight booster packs and a playmat.

The trading card game's next expansion, "Burning Shadows," comes out in August. "Crimson Shadow" will be the last new expansion of 2017.

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By Christian Hoffer

Christian Hoffer is ComicBook.com's resident Pokemon expert. He also covers wrestling, television, and comics.