League of Legends' Baron Gets a New Skin for Worlds

The most aggressive objective in League of Legends received a shiny new skin just in time for Worlds to begin.

League’s Baron has no problem trying to fight off both teams who hope to claim its buff, but come time for Worlds, Baron will look a lot better doing that with the new gold-themed skin. Shown above through the Skin Spotlights video that showcases the Baron, a side-by-side from all angles can be seen of the before-and-after versions of the Baron both with and without the Worlds skin.

In addition to the gold headpiece, the Baron also has golden-clad legs – or claws, whatever it is that Baron has – and a golden equivalent of where it seems Baron would wear a belt. The colors and textures of the Baron have also been adjusted, its eyes and teeth changed to the blue that’s usually associated with Worlds and the monster’s body lightened to a whiter color.

This isn’t the first time that Baron’s received special treatment around certain events, but it’s definitely an easy way to make small changes to League to commemorate important occasions. Players will also recall the Santa hat Baron that’s been seen previously around the holidays, another example of different skins for the objective.

Along with the new skin for the Baron, players will once again be able to show off their own Worlds appreciation with a selection of esports-themed loot used to represent their favorite teams. Within the PBE, there are currently tons of Summoner Icons available that are made after professional League of Legends teams.

The new emotes that’ll be available soon also take part in the Worlds festivities by adding in plenty of emotes for different pro teams that’ll be usable in-game. Emotes are currently planned to be organized in an emote wheel where players can swap out their favorite emotes before the game, but it’s unclear whether these emotes will require the use of the corresponding Summoner Icon in order to receive them.

All of the emotes and esports Summoner Icons along with the Worlds skin for Baron are currently being tested on the PBE and are expected to be released closer to Worlds.

[via Surrender@20]