Dan Harmon Teases The Future Of Rick And Morty Past Season 3

Being a Rick and Morty fan is tough. You wait two years for a third season only to be tortured by a cruel April fools joke and then find out that you need to wait three more months. Well, the wait is almost finally over (or at least we are led to believe, I have some trust issues).

As we count down the hours until we finally get the rest of season three of Rick and Morty, Time magazine has an interview with creator and writer Dan Harmon on what took so long, and what happens after this season.

In the interview Harmon says that the wait was caused mostly by the obvious - things just took longer this time. "I think it just hit a critical mass of thinking about the writing as being possible to screw up. Even though we're smart enough to realize that that's exactly what can slow you down, you're never smart enough to realize that realizing it can also slow you down. The bottom line is that things that took you five minutes to do in season one take 15 minutes to do all of a sudden. All of that adds up to three times longer to do the entire season."

"There were very few [episodes] that were easy. Certainly the very first one was the one that really threw everything out of whack. It became impossible to finish. Once you're in this mode of being behind schedule and start coping with being behind schedule, the coping mechanism can create more problems."

In the first episode of season three - Rick claims that he won't stop searching for szechuan sauce: "That's what this is all about, that's my one armed man... I'm driven by finding that McNugget sauce, that's my series arch, if it takes nine seasons..." Harmon, clearly effected by his experience on his last show, Community, that was taken away from him for a while says essentially that it will end when he's done.

We don't have a number. I definitely know that it would be as long as possible. I think that they would have to drag Justin and I kicking and screaming away from Rick and Morty. The only thing that would make us walk away would be a sense that we were somehow screwing it up and ruining something that would then have its legacy marred. If we got to a point where we thought the show absolutely stunk because of our insistence on continuing to make it, I'd hope that we would be wise enough to stop making it.

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