'Black Lightning' Recap With Spoilers: "The Book of Revelations"

(Photo: The CW, DC Entertainment)

"The Book of Revelations" starts as Jefferson and Anissa have a training session in Gambi's basement. As they fight each other, a news report plays that shows the interviewees upset at Lady Eve's passing and accuse Black Lightning of being a cold-blooded killer.

Lala returns to his nightclub and approaches two of his henchmen, who had heard rumors of Lala's death. Lala tells them that he was dead.

Gambi is meeting with a mysterious man named Martin Proctor. The mystery man is a member of the ASA, and he claims that he's bringing agents into town to kill Black Lightning.

Jefferson and Lynn are preparing dinner, and the latter asks her husband how the training with Anissa is going. Jefferson reassures his wife that all is well and reminds Lynn that their daughter is taking the training seriously.

Jennifer is helping out her mom at the lab. Jennifer asks Lynn if she's noticed Anissa acting weird, and when Lynn checks the box Anissa found in storage, she finds it empty.

Jefferson and Anissa are working a lead on the Green Light drug operation. They break into the morgue that's keeping Lady Eve's body and the twins she was murdered with. They find Lady Eve's badly charred body and send pictures of the body back to Gambi in his lab. Gambi does the quick math and realizes that the amount of heat used to char her could have only been accomplished by weaponry powered by nuclear energy.

Jefferson mentions that they should be able to track the radiation.

Jennifer and Keisha are hanging up posters around school when Keisha begins climbing some scaffolding in one of the hallways. She begins to fall off the scaffolding, and Jennifer, in a fit of excitement, begins to display fire-based powers of her own.

Jefferson and Anissa go back to Gambi's place to talk to him about tracking the radiation. Gambi shows the pair that he has access to a satellite that displays radiation. The elder mentor tries convincing Jefferson and Anissa to let him go check out the location of the radiation on the map, but the pair refuses to let him go.

The pair are researching the radiation when Lynn calls them. She reveals to them that the powder found in Jefferson's father's locker seems to be a vaccine for Green Light.

Gambi's at a memorial service when one of his customers approaches him and sees him tearing up. She offers some words of advice, and Gambi thanks her before he exits the church.

The two find the source of radiation — one of the guns used in the murder of Lady Eve. When the pair starts unearthing the weapon, they find out that a body has been buried with it. It's the body of one of the killers.

Jefferson calls Detective Henderson on the burner cell phone and notifies him of the location of the body. Jefferson instructs the detective to match the weapon with the injuries of the bodies at the morgue.

Back home, Jennifer's in her rooms trying to access the powers she displayed earlier in the day. After closing her eyes and clenching her phone, she's able to shoot sparks from her hands again.

Lynn goes to Gambi's and asks him about the possibilities of a Green Light vaccine. Gambi tries playing dumb, but Lynn realizes something is going on. She reminds him that Jefferson has the utmost trust in Gambi. Gambi tells Lynn that it's time for him to talk to Jefferson.

In the woods, Jefferson and Anissa are monitoring the location of the body from afar to make sure Detective Henderson gets to it. They notice a man in a suit approaching the weapon. Jefferson goes to approach him, but the man in a suit picks up the weapon and it detonates, making a crater in the forest.

Back home, Jefferson is ecstatic that Anissa anticipated the weapon exploding and saved both of their lives in the process. Lynn tells her husband that Gambi knows more that anybody thought. She tells Jefferson to go talk to Gambi and ask him the questions they've never thought to ask.

Lala is showering, and the ghost of Lawanda is still haunting him.

Jefferson arrives at Gambi's and goes upstairs to Gambi's residence. Gambi reveals that his real name is Peter Esposito. He arrived in Freeland over 30 years ago as a government agent for the ASA. The government created a vaccine in an attempt to make the residents of Freeland more passive, but it instead created metahumans.

After Gambi found out the vaccine was making children sick, he leaked the news to Jefferson's father at the paper. Gambi reveals that if Jefferson puts on his suit and uses his powers, Martin Proctor will find him and kill him. And they'll find Anissa and kill her as well.


Jefferson leaves Gambi's residence upset.

Jennifer approaches Anissa at home. Jennifer shows her sister her phone and reveals that she burned the phone with her hands.