'Supergirl' Recap With Spoilers: "Ahimsa"

(Photo: The CW, DC Entertainment)

"Ahimsa" starts with the team gathered around Kara as she's still in the life-saving suit. J'onn storms out of the room upset and he's followed by Alex. Outside, he reveals he's upset that he didn't help when Kara asked him to. Alex tells him that if he wants to help out now, he can do so telepathically without getting on the front lines.

At the DEO, Kara wakes up inside the suit, which powers on and displays an Iron Man-like heads-up display.

Alex is filling Kara in on the suit when a DEO agent comes in and informs her another agent has flipped to help out the Graves. The Graves have killed the new agent saying he's a loose end.

J'onn returns to his home when he's confronted by Fiona's fiance — Manchester Black.

The Graves' and Agent of Liberty have taken two of the metahumans that were being stored at the DEO and have them chained up in their hideout. Liberty uses some of the technology stolen from the DEO and it's shown that he can control the minds of the two chained-up metas.

Alex calls a meeting with the entire DEO and addresses them about the recent events. She reminds them she believes in the group.

Manchester Black's having a drink at the bar Fiona used to frequent. Black gets one of the bar's patrons drunk and the patron —somebody who works with Mercy raves — eventually reveals Mercy is planning to attack a cop precinct. J'onn arrives, overhears the intel and passes it along to Alex and the DEO.

Alex, J'onn, and Manchester Black arrive at the police department and stop the attack from one of the metahumans the Graves are controlling. Outside, the group discusses the fact that they think Fiona is being held to control the capture metahumans.

One of Alex's subordinates approaches and tells her the President wants to speak with her. On a voice chat, the President reams Alex, telling her that if many more attacks happen on her watch, she'll be replaced.

At the DEO, Brainiac-5 is upset that he can't think of a cure for Kara and begins crying. Lena sees and approaches the metahuman and gives him a motivational talk. After the talk, Brainy realizes that they can potentially use nanites to remove the kryptonite from the air.

Alex is yelling at Kara for showing up at the precinct. She reminds her younger sister that she's in charge.

After the failed attack on the police station, Liberty tells the graves they should revise their plans and make the people of National City be afraid for their children.

Brainy and Lena begin reprogramming the L-Corp nanites to take care of the kryptonite.

J'onn is talking to Manchester Black about his past life with Fiona. J'onn notices that Manchester is wearing a ring that matches one Fiona wears and he realizes that he can use it to amplify his powers.

Nia's staying late at work and decides to speak with James. She reminds him that National City PD has every right to arrest him should he put on the Guardian armor again. She reveals to him that she has a bad feeling that something bad will happen to him.

J'onn's beginning a ritual with Manchester to try and locate Fiona. J'onn's able to speak with Fiona, who reveals that she doesn't know where she's been held. She does mention, however, the Graves have used a parasite to keep her immobile. J'onn goes to Alex to tell her everything he saw in the conversation with Fiona so that the DEO can work on finding the location.

Brianiac uses the information the narrow down the location and Alex orders a strike team to assemble. Alex decides to ask Kara to help after all, she convinces her sister she needs her out in the field.

The Grave take the last metahuman to launch an attack on the National City Fair. Kara arrives to begin fighting the metahuman and before long, J'onn and Manchester both show up. James then shows up in his Guardian armor.

Kara's armor begins failing.

J'onn and Manchester locate the vehicle the Graves are keeping Fiona in.

The Graves have Kara at gunpoint and Brianiac informs her that the nanites have worked — they've cleaned the air. Fiona wakes up, allowing her the stop controlling the metahuman.

The metahuman — no longer under Fiona's sway — shoots both Graves, allowing Kara to take off her helmet.

Fiona's injuries are too severe and she ends up passing away in the arms of Manchester Black.

Back at the DEO, the agents begin applauding Alex for her role in stopping the Graves. She's giving a speech when it's interrupted by an Army Colonel who's been ordered to oversee the DEO.


James reveals to Lena and Nia that the police don't plan on filing any charges against him. Instead, they might deputize him. Nia shows James her phone, which is full of viral posts saying Guardian is an anti-alien vigilante.

Manchester Black purchases several crates of weaponry.