DC Comics Reveals New Justice League Logo

(Photo: DC Entertainment)

DC's Justice League will unveil a new logo in next month's Justice League #25, a tie-in to the ongoing "Year of the Villain" theme. The logo looks like a combination of elements from several prior logos, with a font that is reminiscent of the '90s Justice League titles, the clean lines of the '80s logo, and the single star that has been a hallmark of recent years, since it was the logo used in the feature film. The last major overhaul of the Justice League logo, and the "Year of the Villain" story feels a bit like a return to the status quo of that era.

The New 52, DC's 2011 relaunch which created a status quo that ran for about five years, saw humans generally distrustful of superheroes, particularly any with alien ties. Justice League #25 sees Lex Luthor offering humanity a choice: reject the Justice League and turn to him to save the world, because superheroes aren't getting the job done. This lines up with the "Leviathan Rising" event happening in Brian Michael Bendis's books, where similar messages that heroes are not doing enough, or not doing things right, filled a series of one-page ads released over the last week. Returning to the days of a public that does not entirely trust the hero community calls back to the days of Man of Steel and Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.

The logo itself was released (seen above), along with the cover for Justice League #25 complete with the new logo (seen below). The cover is from artist Jorge Jimenez.

(Photo: DC Entertainment)

Since veteran Batman writer Scott Snyder took over the title, Justice League has been about the ongoing struggle between the League and an organized cabal of their greatest foes, led by Luthor. More recently the Legion of Doom rebranded as heroes, but it seems that was a prelude to the mayhem to come.


"My mission with Justice League really, above all, is to both make it the best book on the stands, but the core of it, the heart of it, is to make a book that's connective, that feels like the heart and soul of the DCU," Justice League writer Scott Snyder previously told ComicBook.com. "To me, that's where the book always should be. It doesn't need to be the biggest book, it doesn't need to be the highest-selling book, or anything like that. I mean, obviously we're as ambitious as we can be in those departments, but what matters more to me is you pick it up and it feels like this is a book that connects so much of what's going on in the DCU, and tells a story that's so big and crazy that every few months or every once in a while some of that story will spill into the books that you know and love, based on whether or not the creators want to do that."

Justice League #25 will be available in stores and digitally on June 5.