The Legion of Doom Become Heroes in Justice League #24

The DC Universe's mightiest heroes are currently enduring a pretty unique challenge in the latest Justice League arc -- and it looks like they have some unexpected allies in that fight.

Spoilers for this past week's issue of Justice League below! Only look if you want to know!

"The Sixth Dimension: Chapter Five" picked up right where last issue's cliffhanger left off, where the team (outside of Batman and Superman) realized that they were in a ship piloted by Darkseid. The issue quickly added quite a few twists to that reveal, as Darkseid - as well as Cheetah, Sinestro, and Gorilla Grodd - aren't trying to hurt the heroes, but trying to help them.

justice league 24 1
(Photo: DC Comics)

As Sinestro explains, the current predicament that lays ahead - with Batman manipulating the team with the help of the World Forger - has made them put their differences aside with their onetime foes. The Legion of Doom has one goal in mind -- to get the team to a jump portal, which will take them to Batman and the World Forger on Earth.

justice league 24 2
(Photo: DC Comics)

This plan is complicated by the arrival of evil Lois Lane and Jimmy Olsen, who attempt to prevent the Justice League from escaping. J'onn J'onnz commends the Legion of Doom for being this future timeline's greatest heroes, and the heroes and villains exchange some rather heartfelt quips before leaving.

justice league 24 3
(Photo: DC Comics)

Once the Justice League are headed towards safety, Sinestro pretends to surrender to Lois and Jimmy, only to turn the ship around and drive right into theirs, creating a rather deadly explosion.

justice league 24 4
(Photo: DC Comics)

While this heroic version of the Legion of Doom may have only lasted for a single issue, it's certainly an interesting, humanizing take on the two diametrically-opposed groups.

"My mission with Justice League really, above all, is to both make it the best book on the stands, but the core of it, the heart of it, is to make a book that's connective, that feels like the heart and soul of the DCU," Justice League writer Scott Snyder previously told "To me, that's where the book always should be. It doesn't need to be the biggest book, it doesn't need to be the highest-selling book, or anything like that. I mean, obviously we're as ambitious as we can be in those departments, but what matters more to me is you pick it up and it feels like this is a book that connects so much of what's going on in the DCU, and tells a story that's so big and crazy that every few months or every once in a while some of that story will spill into the books that you know and love, based on whether or not the creators want to do that."


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Justice League #24 is available in stores now. Issue #25 will be released on June 5th.