'Freedom Fighters: The Ray' Partners Up With The Trevor Project In New Video

Freedom Fighters: The Ray premiered on CW Seed this weekend - and united with a pretty great cause in the process.

The CW recently released a new PSA for the animated series, which features Ray Terrill/The Ray (Russell Tovey) educating viewers about The Trevor Project, an organization that provides support for LGBTQ youth.

"Today, you might know me as America's foremost bad guy-defeating beam of light." The animated version of The Ray says within the video. "But that wasn't always the case. Like a lot of young people in the LGBTQ community, it was hard for me to come to terms with my sexual orientation. I worried it would make my life harder. But thanks to my friends at the Trevor Project, LGBTQ youth can get the support they need during those tough times. The Trevor Project provides a support system for LGBTQ youth in a national peer-to-peer support network, as well as nationwide crisis counseling by text, chat, and phone. With them, you're never alone, and you'll always have a friend."

This PSA is just the latest step that Freedom Fighters has made in normalizing Ray's coming out story, something that Tovey has felt honored to bring onscreen.

"It means everything." Tovey told ComicBook.com. "It's an important story, but it's being told in such a casual way, I guess. It's getting out there in the world, it's not being thrown out there, it's not political, it's not this huge ranting message, it's just this guy. And just by being who they are, and by being strong and proud and confident in who you truly are, and just putting that out there will make such a huge difference.


"And kids watching the show, gay kids, people struggling, adults, whatever, can watch this." Tovey continued. "And now they have a superhero that is happily gay and proud, and out, that they can project onto. That they can have on a key chain and be like, 'Well that's my guy.' You know what I mean? If I wasn't The Ray, I would be just over the moon that there was now a gay superhero in the world that's just there, flying around, getting the message out there."

The first six episodes of Freedom Fighters: The Ray are now available on CW Seed.