The Flash: Comparing Gorilla City to Its Comics Counterpart

If you’ve been a fan of The Flash since the beginning, you should know by now that each season [...]

If you've been a fan of The Flash since the beginning, you should know by now that each season features at least one episode features the emotionally complex primate we've come to know and love as Gorilla Grodd. For fans of the telepathic gorilla, you're in luck — it appears that in addition to tonight's episode featuring Grodd and the rest of Gorilla City, we'll at least be getting more action featuring the Gorilla City populace next week.

Along with Grodd making his annual appearance tonight, we were also introduced to Gorilla City for the first time in live-action form. The city's name covers everything pretty well — Gorilla City is a city deep in the African jungle run by gorillas. In the comics, it's originally run by a rival to Grodd named Solovar, another telepathic gorilla you can read more about here.

As Gorilla City has appeared in comics, the city includes many tall-standing modern structures. The entire culture resembles that more of a futuristic race rather than a primitive culture.

When we first saw Gorilla City on tonight's episode, however, we were treated to set pieces and scenes that resembled an ancient lost city or one in disrepair, including a big set piece of a Coliseum-like arena where Barry and Solovar had an epic gladiator-style battle.

Outside of the aesthetics, the other major difference between the live action and comic versions is the city's ruler. In the comics, Solovar is the long-time ruler of the city and appears as an often ally of Barry and Team Flash. In the show however, Solovar was quickly thrown out of power by Grodd.

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