'Justice League': Close-Up Look at Flash's Shoes

Justice League's The Flash is fast and now fans can get a closer look at the shoes that keep the Scarlet Speedster fast on his feet.

At a London junket this weekend, ComicBook.com's Brandon Davis had a chance to explore a bit of Barry Allen's (Ezra Miller) world and got an up close look at the speedster's awesome costume, particularly the shoes.

As you might guess, The Flash's costume shoes are very similar to a good pair of sneakers or running shoes, but make no mistake -- these aren't an ordinary pair of kicks. The shoes connect to the rest of the Speedster's costume, presumably to help keep everything together at The Flash's high speeds. The shoes also are emblazoned with the hero's iconic yellow lightning bolt.

Of course, despite being pretty impressive looking shoes they are by no means pristine. The shoes have a few scuffs and scratches, hints of some of the wear and tear both the shoes and the overall costume bears while Barry runs around saving the day with his fellow Justice League heroes.

You can check out photos of the shoes and the rest of The Flash's costume in the gallery.

If The Flash's shoes look athletic to you outside of just a good pair of running shoes, that's no coincidence. Costume designer Michael Wilkinson recently revealed that he based the speedster's look off of the outfits real life speedsters in the form of Olympic athletes wear when they need to go as fast as possible.

"When we did research for Flash we definitely looked at speed suits, Olympic athletes, what people were wearing when they needed to move super-fast, the fastest people of Earth what they were wearing as well as looking into materials that would withstand electricity, withstand high heats, so we did all sorts of electric research," Wilkinson told news.com.au.

Fans will get to see how the shoes and the whole overall costume works for The Flash when Justice League hits theaters in a couple of weeks.


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Justice League hits theaters on November 17.