Kingdom Hearts Hotel Room Might Hold a Secret About the Next Game

Square Enix and Disney have been quiet regarding the next Kingdom Hearts game, but this year marks the 20th anniversary of the series, and a special event is planned for April. Twitter user @aitaikimochi (also known as Audrey), might have discovered an interesting hint about the future of the series in an unexpected place: Tokyo Disney's Kingdom Hearts-themed hotel room! The room has a strange treasure box inside, and guests are not allowed to share images of the contents until April 28th. However, Audrey has stated what's in it: an Oathkeeper Keyblade, but with a blue Paopu fruit, instead of the usual yellow.

In a follow-up Tweet, Audrey entertains the possibility that this could be a production error, but states that it's hard to believe, given the attention to detail in the hotel room's Oathkeeper Keyblade. Audrey calls the item "immaculate." Given that, it seems a bit implausible there would be such a glaring error!

"But yeah, I HIGHLY doubt they'd actually put a future installment's potential spoiler into something only available in Japan, and I HIGHLY doubt Nomura would put Kingdom Hearts lore into an actual hotel," Audrey writes on Twitter. "...but then again, this IS Kingdom Hearts we're talking about, right...?"

Kingdom Hearts lore is incredibly complicated, and creator Tetsuya Nomura has embraced a philosophy where just about everything counts as part of the lore of the series. As Audrey hints above, it doesn't seem out of the realm of possibility that this is a spoiler for a future Kingdom Hearts game. Unfortunately, there's just no way of knowing for certain.

For now, Kingdom Hearts fans will just have to wait patiently for the Kingdom Hearts 20th anniversary event on April 10th! It's possible the event could provide some answers about this version of the Oathkeeper Keyblade, as well as information on the next game in the Kingdom Hearts series. Until then, fans will have a new mystery to solve.

Do you think this is a hint at the future of Kingdom Hearts? What do you expect to see at the anniversary event in April? Let us know in the comments or share directly on Twitter at @Marcdachamp to talk all things gaming!

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