Xbox Game Pass Teases New Additions From Beloved Franchise

It looks like Xbox Game Pass is teasing the arrival of some new games from a beloved franchise. Specifically, that franchise is Dragon Quest, the long-running RPG series from Square Enix. Although a new title associated with Dragon Quest only recently just hit Xbox Game Pass a few days ago, it sounds as though those in charge over at Microsoft might not be done with the IP just yet.

The reason for this belief stems from a recent interaction on Twitter involving the official Xbox Game Pass account. When one subscriber said that they were overwhelmed by the amount of Dragon Quest offerings on the service at the moment--between both Dragon Quest 11 and Dragon Quest Builders 2--the Xbox Game Pass account chimed in and teased that more titles in the series could be coming. "Maybe... it's not enough?" the account tweeted out.

Believe it or not, this actually isn't the first time that we have heard about more Dragon Quest games coming to Xbox Game Pass as well. Within recent weeks, industry insider Nick "Shpeshal_Ed" Baker also made it known that he doesn't think Square Enix "is done putting Dragon Quest on Game Pass". Although Baker didn't add any more color to this situation beyond this one message, it definitely shows that there's quite a bit of noise surrounding this development.

When it comes to the Dragon Quest games that Square Enix could put on Xbox Game Pass, well, that's where things get more interesting. Historically, Dragon Quest isn't a franchise that has really ever been on Xbox platforms. And with this in mind, if Square Enix does add more titles to the subscription service, it would have to port them over. However, considering that the publisher just brought over Dragon Quest Builders 2 in this same manner, it does seem as though Square is showing a greater interest in bringing this series to Xbox.

So what do you think about this whole situation? Would you like to see more Dragon Quest games land on Xbox Game Pass in the future? Let me know your thoughts either down in the comments or hit me up on Twitter at @MooreMan12.