Horror Comic 'Gideon Falls' TV Series in the Works

After an intense bidding war, Hivemind acquired the television rights to Jeff Lemire and Andrea Sorrentino's Image Comics series, Gideon Falls.

Hivemind, a newer production company comprised of several veteran producers, announced today that it had won the rights to Gideon Falls, and would be moving forward with production on a TV series. Both Lemire and Sorrentino will executive produce the series, alongside Hivemind's team of Jason Brown, Sean Daniel, Kathy Lingg, and Dinesh Shamdasani.

The comic series is an atmospheric thriller that follows a group of seemingly random strangers as they get caught up in a mystery that surrounds an old local legend.

"Gideon Falls is a story that is very near to our hearts, and Andrea and I could not be more excited to be partnering with Hivemind to bring the terror, and the story of Fred, Norton and The Black Barn, to an even wider audience," said series co-creator and writer Jeff Lemire.

"It's great to imagine Gideon Falls, and all these characters whom we've been working so hard to realize in the graphic novel, now coming to life on TV screens," added series co-creator and artist Andrea Sorrentino.

While fairly new to the game, Hivemind consists of several producers who know their way around the industry, and the company has already started work on several upcoming projects. Hivemind currently produces Amazon's newly-acquired sci-fi series, The Expanse, as well as Netflix's upcoming adaptation of The Witcher.

Depending on which network or streaming service Gideon Falls lands on, it could be a major program for the company moving forward.

Gideon Falls is psychological horror told with a deeply humanistic touch, a story about imperfect people who confront their own demons – imagined and supernatural alike," said Hivemind Co-President Jason Brown. "It is this kind of expertly fashioned, character-focused genre storytelling that inspired us to form Hivemind, and it is our mission to collaborate with world-class authors, artists, and rights holders like Jeff and Andrea to bring their stories to the screen in an authentic way."


Gideon Falls is one of the most inventive stories anywhere comics today, colliding a psychologically complex and intellectually nuanced cast against a stark and terrifying terrain of science fiction and horror,” said Shamdasani. “It’s no surprise that it comes from the brilliant minds of two of the most talented creators in the comics medium – Jeff Lemire and Andrea Sorrentino – or that it sparked a massive multi-studio bidding war.”

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