Chucky: Brad Dourif Reveals How Nervous He Was to Act Opposite Himself (Exclusive)

Chucky star Brad Dourif reveals how nervous he was to act opposite himself as Chucky and Charles Lee Ray.

Spoilers follow for Chucky season 3! With the penultimate episode of Chucky season 3, the series has taken a sharp left turn into unexpected territory, bringing back Brad Dourif to physically play Charles Lee Ray aka Chucky on set. Episode 3.06 of the series saw Dourif as Chucky appear in a spectral form, Chucky having died in The White House. This week's episode picks up immediately after that with Dourif, still wearing his classic suit from the first Child's Play movie, now walking through the Spirit Realm and encountering a number of people he's killed, plus a few presidents.

As the opening scene progresses, Dourif as Chucky walks through The White House and eventually arrives at The Oval Office where inside he's greeted by none other than...himself, a Chucky doll seated at The Resolute desk. Unclear about what's going on Chucky asks what's going on, only for the doll Chucky to reveal that he's not a fellow Chucky at all, but actually the voodoo god Damballa. Having chosen the form of Chucky, the scene plays out with Dourif on set as the now dead Chucky having a full conversation with himself. Speaking with in an exclusive interview, we asked Dourif about the moment, with the actor revealing he was nervous about it to start. 

"That (scene) was the first thing I did," Dourif revealed. "And first of all, the director (Amanda Row) was wonderful, and she not only understood and was good at directing actors, but I felt very safe with how competent she was with the camera and with choosing shots and with understanding how she was going to cut the scene. I felt very oddly safe with that. So all my nervousness ended and it was just fun. It was just really fun. I was also worried... I voiced Damballa as well, and I thought it would be weird, but it wasn't at all. I really felt like somebody else was doing Dambala.

Dourif confirmed that for him on set in the moment was just like what viewers got to see at home, his own voice piped back into the room acting opposite him in a conversation. 

"Yes, my own voice (back at me)," Dourif said "That was because they have to, because the doll, the puppet works to my voice, so there was no way around it. But yeah, it didn't bother me at all. In fact, I felt like somebody else did it."

Where is Chucky streaming?

The first two seasons of Chucky are available for streaming on two different platforms, both Peacock and Shudder. All sixteen episodes of the series, including both seasons 1 and 2, can be streamed on each of these services. Unlike previous seasons of Chucky however, wherein the entire season would have to premiere on cable before it began streaming, the new episodes of Chucky season 3 will be available for streaming the next day. After Chucky season 3's episodes air on SYFY and USA Network on Wednesdays, they'll be available to stream the one week later on Peacock.