Kane Hodder Wants Another 'Friday the 13th' Movie For One Big Reason

Later this year, the latest chapter in the seminal slasher series Halloween will hit theaters, yet another iconic franchise, Friday the 13th, has been dormant for nearly a decade. Kane Hodder, who played the villain Jason Voorhees in four of the films, recently pointed out there's a major reason why we need another chapter.

When speaking with We Got This Covered, Hodder brought up a simple fact by confirming, “You’ve gotta do one more Friday movie, too. It’ll be the 13th one.”

Hodder appeared in the seventh through tenth entries in the franchise, being the actor who has earned the most screen time as the hockey mask-wearing murderer. Ken Kirzinger played Jason in Freddy vs. Jason while Derek Mears played the killer in the Friday the 13th reboot in 2009.

With the actor still being an active stunt performer, many audiences were disappointed that Hodder didn't play the killer in the highly-anticipated horror crossover. The actor did point out, however, that he does technically have a cameo appearance in that film.

“They say I wasn’t in Freddy vs. Jason. The filmmakers didn’t even know it, but I was in that movie," Hodder shared with We Got This Covered. "There was a scene where they’re at the insane asylum or whatever, the hospital, and there’s a movie playing on a TV set – and it happens to be Texas Chainsaw Massacre III."

He added, "And there’s a scene of Leatherface doing something, and that’s actually me as Leatherface. I was the stunt double for R.A. Mihailoff for that movie and I was stunt coordinator. And so, they’re trying not to put me in the movie, and I was still in it and they didn’t even know it.”

To the dismay of many Friday the 13th fans, the future of the series has stalled indefinitely. Last year, there were many stops and starts in the production of a sequel, yet details never emerged about why the production fell apart. Additionally, legal action has been taken between the film's original filmmakers over who retains the rights to the name of the franchise and its characters, possibly putting a permanent halt to the series.


Do you think the Friday the 13th series should get a sequel or another reboot for the 13th entry? Let us know in the comments below!

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