Stephen King Teases His First Rap Album as an April Fool's Prank

Stephen King is considered by many to be one of the most seminal figures in the world of horror, but anyone who has read his books or follows him on social media knows that he also has a great sense of humor. Due to the coronavirus pandemic spreading around the world and the required period of quarantine, there's a lot of stressful stuff in the world right now, with some people apprehensive about the various April Fool's pranks that they might come across, but with King unveiling the plans for his very first rap album, titled "Slim Scary," the prank is just silly enough that it's a welcome joke to King's fans.

"Building on the success of his collaboration with John Mellencamp, The Ghost Brothers of Darkland County, and calling upon his years of performing with The Rock Bottom Remainders, Stephen is now lending his vocal verbosity to a whole new genre. Stephen takes on the persona of Slim Scary in his solo musical debut, The Rap Bottom Remaineder, and your ears may never be the same," King's website reads. "Since 2001, Slim Scary has been looking for the perfect beat, but he only recently found the blueprint. Raising hell and ready to step in the ring, the infamous Slim Scary is strictly business while goin’ off in his 36 chambrays (purchased from Paul’s Boutique). Liquid s-words will flow when this album drops. Listen to a sample of the upcoming album below and gird your loins for 1/9/2021."

King even shared the album's fictional tracklist, which features a number of references to many of his iconic stories. The tracklist and "cover art" are below:

stephen king rap album slim scary
  1. O.P.P. (Other People's Paperbacks)
  2. Regulate(rs)
  3. Writin' Dirty
  4. Drop It Like It's A New Short Story
  5. Up Maine Crew (Isn't Anything to F-ck With)
  6. Everything is Everything's Eventual
  7. Captain Trippz
  8. Straight Outta Castlerock
  9. Bonita Adverbum
  10. Writer's Delight
  11. Supernatural Murder Was The Case
  12. It Takes Eight (Books to Finish The Dark Tower Series)
  13. Tabby Said Knock You Out (feat. Joe Hill & Owen King)
  14. How I Could Just Kill A Character
  15. My, Myself, and IT
  16. Shawshank Sweat Box
  17. Northernwritalisticujomuzik
  18. Still Not An Actor
  19. B.R.E.A.M. (Bachman Rules Everything Around Me)

As if all of these details weren't enough to tip fans off, King's website included a link to a "preview" of the album, which was actually the music video of Rick Astley's "Never Gonna Give You Up."

Given all of the ways people could have tried to pull April Fool's pranks, this one is goofy enough to actually be enjoyable.

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