Stranger Things Season 4 Working Title Revealed

As soon as we get through the holidays, production on the fourth season of Stranger Things will [...]

As soon as we get through the holidays, production on the fourth season of Stranger Things will begin and now, we know what working title the series will film under. According to a new listing in Production Weekly, Stranger Things 4 will film under the working title Tareco. As per earlier reports, the production is expected to last from January through August of next year and will presumably film the majority of the show in the Atlanta area. As far as we can tell, the working title is related to the Brazilian treat of the same name, though that's totally a shot in the dark.

The biggest outstanding question for the fallout of season three is the current whereabouts of Hawkins police chief Jim Hopper (David Harbour). In one recent convention appearance, Harbour himself stopped shy of confirming he'd be returning to the show after his character presumably died in the Season Three finale. "Oh my Lord! I don't know. Should we call the Duffer brothers?" Harbour said at German Comic Con Dortmund over the weekend. "We don't know yet, we don't know. They won't tell me anything, so we'll have to see. I think you'll find out at some point, we'll find out at some point. Let's hope he's alive."

The actor added, "I think Hopper — from the very beginning I've said this — he's very lovable in a certain way, but also, he's kind of a rough guy. Certainly in the beginning of Season 1 he's kind of dark, and he's drinking, and he's trying to kill himself, and he hates himself for what happened to his daughter. I feel like, in a sense, that character needed to die. He needed to make some sacrifice to make up for the way he's been living for the past like 10 years, the resentments that he's had. So he needed to die."

The first three seasons of Stranger Things are now streaming on Netflix; a release date for the fourth season has yet to be unveiled.

Do you think Hopper made it out alive? If so, where do you think he went next? Think it over and head to the comments section to let us know your thoughts!