Tiger Tails Twinkies Are Making a Limited Return

Hostess is temporarily reviving its Tiger Tails Twinkies product in a new limited-time partnership with Walmart. Beginning July 21st, the big box store will have the revamped Twinkies spin-off available for exactly one week. If you think back nearly a decade, the original Tiger Tails Twinkies released in 2013 featured a special raspberry topping a coconut-flavored créme filling. This time around, that's not the case.

Instead, the snacks will feature the regular golden Twinkies cake with an orange-flavored créme filling. Each cake will then be packaged in a specially-printed tiger-stripe packaging. Though pricing may differ by location, Hostess says in a statement the items will be available at $2.86 per box.

This is far from the first collaboration between Hostess and Walmart. In fact, earlier this month, the two announced another exclusive item to coincide with the Fourth of July — special S'mores-flavored CupCakes.

"What's fun here is what the box isn't telling you," @JunkBanter says. "The yellow cake is graham cracker flavored (at least according to the PR email I got, which also says they are *moist*. The filling is toasted marshmallow flavored to [sic]. This is pretty ambitious and although there's a decent chance this just tastes like "cupcake" more than anything else, I'm eager to track these down. Should be available in Walmart any day now."


Both items are limited-time offerings, only available at Walmart.

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