'The Gifted' Just Gave Polaris A Major Make-Over

The Gifted returned for its second episode tonight and gave the mutant mistress of magnetism, Polaris, her most iconic visual feature.

Mild SPOILERS for The Gifted’s second episode, “rX,” follow.

In the pilot episode for The Gifted, Lorna Dane (Emma Dumont), the mutant also known as Polaris, was introduced as a member of the mutant underground attempting to help mutants on the run. Her hair was a dark rather than the green color that it is in the Marvel Comics universe, but photos for the show’s second episode, “rX,” showed revealed her hair would become green.

So, how did that transition happen? It turns out Polaris’ hair was always green; She just hid it using dark hair dye so that she could more easily pass as a baseline human in public.

The reveal comes after Polaris has been sent to prison. Polaris is immediately harassed for being a mutant which is plain because of the collar on her neck, but she sees several other mutants in the prison who have mutant physical features that make it impossible for them to hide in a crowd.

In the following scene, Polaris showers with her fellow inmates. The inmates stare as the dye washes out of hair, revealing its true green tone.

This is actually a scene adapted out of the early silver age era of the X-Men comics. While the scene did not take place in a prison, Iceman first saw Lorna’s true green hair color after seeing her walk out of the shower. Lorna had been hiding her hair, which changed colors when she first manifested her powers, using brown hair dye.

Now that she's imprisoned and unable to hide her powers, the hair dye is the least of Lorna's problems. She is likely much more concerned with the child she is carrying, which comes under attack in the episode. However, Emma Dumont told ComicBook.com previously that Polaris' pregnancy only makes her want to fight harder.

“I think she’s someone who runs off endurance and what she thinks is right and wrong and is very much an ‘eye for an eye’ type of girl on whatever she has to do,” Dumont said. “So I think having a small, mutant baby inside of her, I think for a normal person it would make her be more cautious, but I think it's the total reverse where she’s like, ‘I have something in the world to care about and now I’m going to fight even harder,’ and that is probably pretty dangerous.”

The Gifted airs Mondays at 9 p.m. ET on Fox.