Marvel Shares Designs for Thor's New Look

In this week’s The Mighty Thor #700, Marvel Comics teased an upcoming new costume for Thor Odinson, including a golden arm and golden hammer.

Now, Marvel has revealed a closer look at the new Odinson character design via Russell Dauterman’s character sketches, revealed by Marvel’s Ryan Penagos on Twitter.

“This Thor Odinson design by [Russell Dauterman] is SO GOOD,” Penagos tweeted with the hashtag “#24karatthor.”

The design gives Thor a new costume with gold trim to match his arm and hammer. It also restores Thor’s winged helmet, but keeps his current short hair and beard, possibly to make the character look consistent with how Chris Hemsworth appears in Thor: Ragnarok.

This new costume and design for Thor Odinson were revealed towards the end of The Mighty Thor #700 in the Norns’ vision of the future. In addition to Odinson’s new look, the vision also teased Loki wielding the Infinity Gauntlet and also All-Black the Necrosword, the death of Jane Foster, currently the mighty Thor, the returns of Valkyrie and Namor, the continuing War of the Realms, and the arrival of Mangog, who is already building a body count.

The Odinson has been unworthy of Mjolnir ever since Nick Fury whispered secret words into his ear during the Original Sin event. Since then, Jane Foster has taken up the hammer in his stead while the Odinson has struggled with his identity.

For a time, Odinson sought to wield the Mjolnir of the now-dead Ultimate Marvel Universe. Instead, it was Volstagg who lifted the war hammer after seeing atrocities committed by the demons of Musphelheim on the innocent dwarves of Nidavellir. The hammer transformed Volstagg into the War Thor, a mad berserker Thor who believes the only way to end the war is with merciless violence.

The Mighty Thor #700 brings Thor into the era of Marvel Legacy and begins the “Death of the Mighty Thor” storyline. This title, combined with Odinson’s new look, has many fans suspecting that Jane Foster’s time as Thor may be coming to an end and that Odinson may soon reclaim that role.

The Mighty Thor #700 is now on sale.