Loki Just Got His Own Marvel Fashion Collection at Hot Topic

Loki’s character arc in the Marvel Cinematic Universe has been interesting. His motivations are malleable - he’s been both a villain and a hero. You never know quite what you’re going to get from Loki from one film to the next. When it comes to Loki, you can only count on two things:

1. He'll show up. 2. His magnificent sense of style. In this, he is the star of the show, which is why Her Universe and Hot Topic just gave him his own fashion line.

(Photo: Her Universe)

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Loki-inspired fashions have been part of several official Marvel collections in the past, but this is his first solo outing. Hot Topic’s Loki lineup includes a faux leather jacket, a low-impact sports bra, a cape blazer, a velvet embossed dress, and a could shoulder top. The entire Loki collection can be ordered here, and you can save 20% on your order using the code HT20 at checkout for a limited time.

If you want to take your Loki style even further, Loungefly has a duffle purse and a matching wallet in the works that would match perfectly with the Hot Topic fashions.

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