Rogue Kills SPOILER in 'Avengers'

Rogue took the gloves off in more ways than one in today’s installment of Avengers: No Surrender.

SPOILERS for Avengers #680 follow.

In Avengers: No Surrender, the planet Earth taken from its place in orbit around our sun and moved to a new location as part of some competition between two Elders of the Universe: Grandmaster and Challenger.

The game involves objects called Pyramoids, which have been spread across the Earth. The Lethal Legion and the Black Order are competing for these objects. The objects are also each attuned to a certain element, and wreak havoc on the weather patterns of whatever area they turn up in.

These Pyramoids are also potentially deadly to the touch. This was first revealed when the Black Order member Black Dwarf captured one for his side and was instantly incinerated in plain view. After seeing this, Living Lightning sped to Peru to try to warn the rest of the Avengers, but he was too late to stop the Human Torch from reaching out and grabbing one.

The Human Torch’s body appeared to be destroyed just like Black Dwarf. Readers know that both Black Dwarf and Human Torch are seemingly crystalized state wherever it is that Grandmaster and Challenger are hanging out.

The Avengers do not know this. They believe that Human Torch is definitely dead, and Rogue takes it particularly hard. She and Johnny Storm were romantically involved for some during after Secret Wars and before Johnny started dating Medusa.

Rogue brings that anger with her when she leads her squad of Avengers to the next Pyramoid site. There, the Avengers do battle once against with the forces of the Lethal Legion and the Black Order. Rogue takes the gloves off, exposing her skin to touch Corvus Glaive, the leader of the Black Order. She then used that extra strength she absorbed Glaive to punch him straight through the chest, presumably killing him.

Rogue Corvus Glaive

It should be noted that Glaive is particularly difficult to kill. It had been previously established that he was bonded to a special weapon that was given to him by Thanos. As long as the weapon is intact then Glaive can return from any death. However, Thanos recently broke that weapon and killed Glaive himself. It's unclear if when Glaive was mysteriously resurrected he got a new weapon to go with his new body.

Avengers #680 is on sale now.