'Captain Marvel' Set Video Shows Brie Larson in Costume

Now that filming has continued on Captain Marvel, fans are starting to see more of Brie Larson in action as the titular hero.

A brand new set video from Backgrid shows the actor in costume, giving fans a new look at the black-and-Kree green flight suit she'll don in the movie. Take a look in the video clip above!

This shot isn't exactly the most exciting scene, appearing to show the Larson in character as she's in a rush, passing pedestrians as she attempts to get somewhere quickly. Typical Los Angeles — always in a hurry.

While fans might be confused over the color scheme of the costume, it actually has some relevance in the context of the character's history in Marvel Comics.

The original Captain Marvel known as Mar-Vell was a Kree spy who wore a white and green costume, with the green being a similar hue as the one found on the cinematic version's flight suit.

Given the fact that Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige said the movie would be a loose adaptation of the Kree-Skrull War, and the rumor that Jude Law would be playing the Mar-Vell, we wouldn't be surprised if Larson's character ends up getting abducted by one faction, and subsequently getting mixed up in the intergalactic conflict.

Marvel Studios Visual Concept Supervisor Andy Park also teased to us that fans would be satisfied with the costume once they see the bigger picture, possibly teasing the more familiar colors would appear on screen.

The costume designed by Jamie McKelvie was originally colored blue and red, and that appearance has been prevalently associated with Captain Marvel ever since Danvers adopted the moniker years ago.

Costumes aside, this movie will be a major departure for the Marvel Cinematic Universe, as evidenced by Larson's very dated hair style, similar in appearance to Rachel from Friends.

Captain Marvel will be set in the '90s, taking place in a mostly unexplored era in the MCU's history. Samuel L. Jackson is set to reprise his role as Nick Fury, though he'll be sporting both eyes in this film. It will apparently show how he came to be so privy to the "bigger world" he alluded to in the post-credits scene from the first Iron Man.


As production continues to roll on Captain Marvel, fans should expect to see a lot more of the movie ahead of its premiere next year. Though we might get an earlier debut, as recent teases indicate she could pop up in Avengers: Infinity War

Captain Marvel premieres in theaters on March 8, 2019.