Agents of SHIELD: Here's Everything We Learned About Sarge in Season Six, Epiosde Four

The fourth episode of Agents of SHIELD’s sixth season has come to an end, and fans are still guessing what's up with Sarge. The character played by Clark Gregg looks exactly like the late, great Agent Phil Coulson, and the mystery of his true identity continues to unfold. While we still don’t know who Sarge really is, “Code Yellow” provided some more clues.

Tonight’s episode saw Sarge going after Deke, because he’s “not supposed to be here.” The audience assumed this was because Deke is from a different timeline, but it turns out, Sarge thinks he’s infected with the bat-like alien that ended up killing Keller in the episode (RIP Keller). It appears Sarge’s device is confusing Deke for one of these creatures since Deke still isn’t technically supposed to be on Earth.

During the episode, we learned that Sarge has been hunting these body-snatchers all of his life, which means he might not be such a bad guy after all. We also learned that Sarge is eager to find out what this mysterious word “Coulson” means (as he said before, "it rings a bell"). Sarge pumped Deke for information, and while he didn’t learn much, we got some important information from him: Sarge has a real left hand.

Deke stabbed Sarge in the hand, and proclaimed “Not Coulson” as soon as he realized the hand was real. There was always the possibility that Sarge was the real Coulson with a wiped memory (Deke suggested it), but we doubt he grew back a whole hand. That being said, Sarge didn’t seem to flinch much when he was stabbed. What could it mean?!

Another important Sarge moment was him kidnapping May, because it felt like something was compelling him not to kill her. His true reasons for taking her have yet to be revealed, but we suspect we’ll learn more next week.


Previously, we learned that Sarge’s DNA is an exact match of Coulson’s, so the leading theory is that he’s a different version of Coulson from another reality. The latest Spider-Man: Far From Home trailer indicated there’s a multiverse in the MCU, and we already know that alternate timelines were created in Avengers: Endgame (the Russo Brothers recently confirmed that Loki created a new timeline when he escaped with the Tesseract).

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Agents of SHIELD airs Friday nights on ABC at 8/7c.