Mark Ruffalo Brings Back Hulk Dogs to Celebrate National Dog Day

Marvel star Mark Ruffalo is almost as well known for his activism and humanitarian work as he is for his movie rolls. That said, taking on the role of the Incredible Hulk (now "Smart Hulk") in the Marvel Cinematic Universe has definitely given Mark Ruffalo more career exposure than he has ever had, and the actor continues to use that platform to bring awareness to causes he cares about.

And what could Ruffalo (or anyone really) care more about than his loyal dog? Well, in honor of "National Dog Day" 2019, there was really only one way that the Hulk could honor his own furry companion and dogs everywhere:

"Looks like pup’s ready to ruff you up 🐶 Happy #NationalDogDay!" --Mark Ruffalo

That cute little pug is sporting some novelty Hulk Smash giant hands, and wearing them quite well, we might add! While this is a cute little boomerang-style .gif for sure, it also works as a pretty good double entendre reference to one other piece of Hulk movie trivia: One of the most infamous sequences in Ang Lee's 2003 Hulk movie, in which Bruce Banner (Eric Bana) is on the run from three grotesque "Hulk Dogs!"

As you can see in the clip above, there's a reason that Marvel fans want tend to forget about this scene in Hulk (and most anything from the film, for that matter). In this ridiculous sequence, Hulk finally finds a tender moment to connect with his love Betty Ross (Jennifer Connelly), when the pair are approached by three dogs (two bulldogs and a poodle), that have all been mutated with gamma radiation by Banner's father David (Nick Nolte), who wants to use the beasts to kill Betty, and sever Bruce's emotional connection. What instead ensues is a violent (and ridiculous) fight in the woods between Hulk and the dogs, which leaves Hulk severely injured, leading to Bruce Banner's capture.


Again, everything about "Hulk Dogs" or the highly questionable logic of one of Marvel's most powerful characters nearly being taken out by dogs, is pretty dumb. Thankfully, Ruffalo's "Hulk Dog" redeems that unseemly piece of Marvel movie past.

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