Avengers: Endgame - New Marvel Easter Egg Uncovered In Bro Thor Scene

Over the three-hour runtime of Avengers: Endgame, there were a ton of details that flew across the screen. The early portion of the film in New Asgard with Thor, Korg and Miek is not exempt from the small references buried all throughout the film. One eagle-eyed fan spied out a small but funny moment while The God of Thunder was drinking away his sorrows in the time since the Avengers vanquished Thanos in the present day.

In the moments after Thor cracks open another cold one with Stormbreaker, there are a couple of Marvel PEZ dispensers sitting in the frame among all the trash that has collected. The place is pretty much a pig-pen after Odinson let himself go due to all the grief he feels after the snap. His diet looks to consist of alcohol, fast food, and candy, which means that PEZ fights right in on that gnarly food pyramid.

Hulk and Iron Man Pez dispensers on Thor’s mantle in Endgame (sorry for the bad quality) seen when Thor uses Stormbreaker to open a beer from r/marvelstudios

As Avengers: Endgame inches closer to home release, fans are finding more and more of these small nods to long-time Marvel series. These nostalgic touches are literally everywhere in the film. There are so many references and cameos that the saying "blink and you miss it " is absolutely the truth.

Thor isn't the only one that has made fans take notice in these scenes; his buddy Korg is a delight and beloved by movie-goers too. Careful viewers recently noticed that his rocks in the film are starting to grow moss, unlike his first appearance in Thor: Ragnarok. While not integral to the story, these are the touches that make the universe feel so lived in during the film. The film's creative team had previously revealed that a bunch of thought and planning went into the sequence.

"Like one of the ideas that made it in there was when [Meik] ends up throwing a piece of pizza at the TV, that was something that the animation team came up with," VFX supervisor Russell Earl shared with ComicBook.com. "And you know, those guys are such great characters. It was their moment to shine too, Miek in particular but Korg as well. When I asked them about the decision to give Miek a piece of pizza in each claw while another was already in his mouth, Earl admits that it's something the animation team at ILM came up with as an attempt at character development in the smallest timeframe possible."


"The Russos are all about storytelling, so it's not just doing shots per se, we're always thinking about, 'Okay, so what is the story here? What's going on? What are they doing?'" the VFX boss recalls. "And just trying to imbibe as much character as we can into them. Even though they're on screen for the brief moments, it's trying to give them a story and give them character and life."

The universe is even more full of life after the events of Avengers: Endgame. Hopefully, we see Thor, Korg, and Miek in a much better place mentally in Thor: Love and Thunder.