'Avengers: Endgame' Figure Reveals New Look at Thanos' Armor

After wiping out half of all life at the end of Avengers: Infinity War, Thanos finally took some time to rest, knowing that his mission had been accomplished. However, as Chris Evans so beautifully noted during the most recent Endgame teaser, these Avengers aren't ready to quit, so the Mad Titan will have one more big fight on his hands. This time, he'll take on a smaller, but more prepared team of heroes, likely with the incredibly powerful Captain Marvel on their side.

With that in mind, we know that Thanos is going to be getting some new threads to battle in. Some leaked promo photos and concept art have shown as much. This week, we're seeing yet another great look at the new armor Thanos will be rocking, thanks to an image of one of the Endgame toys that has surfaced online.

The same Twitter account that had posted looks at the toys for various other characters from Avengers: Endgame came in clutch on Tuesday night with a shot of Thanos in his full armor. He's also donning a much more dangerous-looking helmet than when he popped appeared in Infinity War.

"Thanos action figure first look with full armor in Avengers: Endgame," reads the tweet (translated from Portuguese).

If you're wondering why Thanos didn't just wear his full armor throughout Infinity War, it's because the Mad Titan didn't think he would be facing off against any sort of threat. On the Blu-ray commentary track for the film, co-director Joe Russo explains that Thanos shed his armor early on and didn't really think twice about it.

"It's interesting because as Thanos moves forward in the film from this moment, once he disposes of his armor, he almost becomes a holy warrior where he doesn't spend a lot of energy intentionally trying to murder people, unless they're in some way a threat to his agenda," Russo said. "But almost no one ends up being a threat to the agenda except for Tony, who I think feels he has this sort of existential connection to Thanos. It's the one moment where he is actively...since brutally murdering Loki for disobedience, where he actively is going to murder someone for standing in his way. Of course, he sacrifices Gamora, but that is to obtain the Soul Stone."


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Avengers: Endgame is set to hit theaters on April 26th.