Hayley Atwell on Whether 'Infinity War' Could Bring Peggy Carter Back

At this point, it's no secret that the ending of Avengers: Infinity War, and the events of the upcoming Avengers 4, are turning the Marvel Cinematic Universe on its head. The reality we've always known could totally change, and bring back popular characters like Peggy Carter.

Fans have been hoping to see more from Agent Carter, and the final two Avengers films are giving them some hope that her return could actually happen, whether it be in the form of a flashback or an alternate version of reality. Is a comeback really in the cards, though?

Hayley Atwell, who played the character in the movies and on TV, spoke to The Huffington Post about her time with Marvel. Having not seen Infinity War yet, the interviewer explained the ending to Atwell, and said that it made room for Peggy Carter to enter the MCU once again.

"To get a call now would be like, 'Oh, God!'" Atwell said. "I'm sure anything could happen, but it's this genre world that's so multifaceted it's like, will it ever die?"

It doesn't sound like Atwell has a ton of interest in coming back to the MCU, but that's not because she didn't enjoy her time with Marvel. In fact, she went on to explain how pleasant her experience was with Kevin Feige and everyone else at the studio.

"I really like them, and I love the way...they made me feel safe and also empowered," she said of the folks at Marvel Studios. "That's the best thing to come out of it. It's not this kind of - from my experience - scary, patriarchal, dominant, body-shaming Hollywood sphere machine. It was just really nerdy guys who love what they're doing."

As far as what Atwell put into the role of Agent Carter, she said she treated it just like she has every other part she's taken throughout her career.


"That was just a job to me," she said of playing Peggy. "I put as much into her as I have into Black Mirror or any kind of my stage work. It just happens to become special because, when you're in a franchise like that, it has more commercial interest."

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