Paul Bettany Trolls 'Avengers' Co-Star Mark Ruffalo With New Profile Pic

With several films under their belt together, the cast of Marvel's Avengers franchise has gotten quote close over the years, and the work family has become known to tease and troll one another every chance they get. On Thursday morning, the opportunity to mess with Mark Rufflo came knocking, and Paul Bettany just couldn't resist.

Ruffalo took to Twitter to share a Throwback Thursday picture of himself from high school, looking much different than he does now. With wide eyes and a goofy smile, it was clear Ruffalo's picture was meant to garner a giggle.

Here's the initial photo:

This is where Bettany joined the fun. The actor, who portrays Vision in the franchise, tweeted that he had changed his profile picture. You probably know where this is going, right?

Of course, the new picture on Bettany's profile is Mark Ruffalo's high school photo. Bettany didn't stop there though, as he also changed his Twitter bio to take yet another jab at his co-star.

"I thought my teen years were rough," Bettany's bio reads, "but then I saw Mark Ruffolo's."

As you can probably tell already, the actor totally spelled Ruffalo's name wrong. Whether or not that was intentional remains to be seen, but Ruffalo didn't let much time go by before calling out the mistake.

In the most recent tweet in the exchange, Ruffalo quoted Bettany's profile update and gave him a quick spelling reminder.

"Honored," Ruffalo wrote. "P.S. It's RuffAlo... like buffalo but with an R!"


At this point, Bettany hasn't yet come up with a response, nor has he bothered to change the spelling mistake on his profile. Like other feuds between the Marvel family, it'll be interesting to see if any of the other Avengers stars chime in and join the trolling.

The stars will gather together once again when Avengers 4 hits theaters on May 3, 2019.