'Black Panther': "Memories Of T'Chaka" Deleted Scene Released

After a highly successful run in theaters, Marvel Studios is finally starting to promote the home video release of Black Panther by revealing some of the film's deleted scenes.

The latest clip takes place after T'Challa ingested the heart-shaped herb and spoke with his father, after the fight against M'Baku for the throne of Wakanda. Take a look in the video player above!

This deleted scene does a lot to show how T'Chaka's viewpoints changed over time, showing how the once proud isolationist decided to branch Wakanda into the outside world after the events of Sokovia. While that plot was partially glossed over in Captain America: Civil War and Black Panther, the clip shows why T'Chaka decided to use Wakandan outreach to help other nations.

The clip comes after yesterday's deleted scene, which showed Okoye and W'Kabi arguing over the direction of their country's future after Erik Killmonger usurped the throne. That scene was considered to be a favorite among the filmmakers.

As awesome as they are, it's easy to see why they were cut from the film's runtime. While both scenes would have added a lot to the narrative strengths of the film, they also tend to halt the momentum just as the story begins to pick up the pace.

It's actually T'Chaka's isolationist attitude that starts to deteriorate his relationship with his brother, Prince N'Jobu, who ends up betraying Wakanda and revealing its secrets to Klaue. The beginning of the movie consists of T'Chaka coming to make N'Jobu answer for his crimes, resulting in his brother's death. This inevitably leads to Killmonger's campaign of violence that brings him into conflict with his cousin T'Challa.

T'Challa tearfully chastises his father for his mistake in a later vision and understands what it will take for Wakanda to be a leading nation in the new world. And this deleted scene helps to set that scene up for more of an impact.


Black Panther premieres on Digital HD on May 8th, followed by a Blu-ray and DVD release on May 15th.

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