'Black Panther' TV Spot Reveals New Footage

A new TV spot for Black Panther has dropped and it's giving fans a new look at the upcoming Marvel Cinematic Universe film.

The new promo opens with T'Challa (Chadwick Boseman) saying that "the Black Panther has been the protector of Wakanda for generations" before revealing that "now it's time to show the outside world who we are" and while the short promo features some footage we've seen in previous trailers and promos, we also get a look at T'Challa serving as leader of his country as well as fighting for it as Black Panther. You can check it out in the video above.

While the promo does give a brief look at Michael B. Jordan's Killmonger, this new promo is focused less on the villain's run for the throne and more on Black Panther truly showing himself to the world and his own people both a king and a hero. The promo features the same epic leaping transformation into Black Panther before landing on a moving car that we've seen in other trailers, but also shows him addressing the United Nations as well.

This new promo comes just a few days after Marvel released the new Japanese trailer for Black Panther. That trailer also revealed some new footage as well, the biggest portion of which was the new look at the Vibranium mines hidden beneath Wakanda. As Marvel fans are well-aware, Captain America's shield is made out of Vibranium and the unique metal is extremely valuable, making Wakanda a target for those looking to get their hands on the nation's chief export.

Black Panther, directed by Ryan Coogler and starring Chadwick Boseman, is set to hit theaters on February 16, 2018.