Captain America: Disney Studios Marketing Chief Celebrates Winter Soldier Anniversary

It was a big day for Captain America: The Winter Soldier as it celebrated the sixth anniversary of hitting theaters. Walt Disney Studios President of Marketing Asad Ayaz decided to mark the occasion with a short message on Twitter. That poster for Winter Soldier still looks absolutely amazing as it melds the Marvel Cinematic Universe characters with the sort of espionage movie tone of the film. There is a reason that this Captain Americaentry is a lot of people’s favorite Marvel movie, and that story is probably a huge reason why. The film also introduced us to the man who carries the shield now, Sam Wilson, also known as The Falcon.

Unfortunately, it will be at least a few months before we see the new Captain America take to the skies in The Falcon and the Winter Soldier. The coronavirus pandemic has sidelined production on almost every entertainment property under the sun. Disney+’s upcoming series is no different in that regard.’s Spencer Perry previously wondered if The Falcon and the Winter Soldier could be looking at a delayed release date on Disney+ after everything that has transpired in recent weeks? The show will be cutting it close if it gets finished over the next few months. Disney couldn’t have dreamed of such a roadblock when laying out their full production slate last summer.

“Before the show's Prague-set production was canceled, it was revealed on the Walt Disney Company first-quarter investor call that the series would debut in August of this year. That date now seems a little unlikely with all of the changes to the production schedule, the inability to film new sequences, plus the rumor of major re-writes to remove a pandemic plotline (which can't be re-shot at this point either).”


‘We should note that as of this writing there has been no indication from Marvel Studios or Disney that The Falcon and the Winter Soldier will be delayed; but with major production delays already in effect, and no sign of a return to the norm anytime soon, it's possible that the series may not arrive until later in the year. Even AMC's The Walking Dead, which was scheduled to wrap up its 10th season in just three weeks, will not air the season 10 finale due to delays in the post-production schedule.”

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