New International 'Captain Marvel' Poster Surfaces Online

Ahead of its March release, Marvel Studios has begun implementing their marketing strategies around the globe, including the release of collateral in foreign markets. One of those pieces of collateral has since surfaced online, giving us a new look at Brie Larson's Carol Danvers in the form a movie poster.

Originally posted on Twitter by fan account @CaptMarvelNews, the is a rather different look than on a movie than what we've seen stateside. While domestic movie posters have largely been blue and scarlet with hints of gold, the Japenese movie posters a pitch-black background with various images of Danvers.

In addition to the binary-form version of Danvers we saw in the second trailer and poster, the new foreign poster also features two shots of Danvers as a member of the United States Air Force — one picture showing her in the cockpit of her fighter jet and another picture presumably showing the lead character earlier on in her military career.

Roughly translated, the top line of the poster says something to the likes of "Her lost memories change the world. This is a story before the birth of the Avengers."

Of course, the second line references the fact that Captain Marvel is a prequel film, set before the vast majority of MCU films take place, with the exception of Captain America: The First Avenger. According to producer Jonathan Schwartz, then wanted to set the film in the 1990s so that Carol would have her own era to carve out.

"Funny, really honest, I don't know exactly when. Very early in the development process, I think we kind of seized on the idea of setting in the 90s as a way to kind of let the character carve out her own space in the cinematic universe and give her a lot of thematic weight and significance to the universe," Schwartz told "It's more or less this adventure that's going to inspire a lot of what we see in MCU and kind of being able to see those things in this movie that blossom in other movies and already have blossomed in other movies is one of the big excitements."

Are you looking forward to Captain Marvel hitting theatres in March? What do you think of this Japanese poster over those released domestically? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!


Captain Marvel flies into theatres March 8th.