Captain America Star Chris Evans Expresses His Love for Pixar

Just about every movie fan out there is in love with Pixar Animation Studios. From Toy Story to The Incredibles, to Inside Out, and more, Pixar is the gold standard when it comes to animated films. You'd be hard-pressed to find anyone who wasn't a massive fan of Pixar, and that includes the biggest film stars on the planet. Chris Evans has become one of Hollywood's most popular A-listers, thanks to his iconic turn as Captain America in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and even he can't help but share his love for Pixar.

Evans has been vocal about his adoration for the Toy Story films all throughout the marketing campaign for the recently-released Toy Story 4. He has shared and retweeted multiple behind the scenes videos from Pixar, including a conversation between franchise stars Tom Hanks and Tim Allen, commenting "This is just awesome. I love these movies."

On Monday night, after Toy Story 4 dominated its opening weekend at the box office, Insider shared a video about the evolution of its animation style. The video shows how ground-breaking the animation was in 1995 when the first Toy Story was released in theaters, and how much it has grown over the course of the last 24 years.

Evans quoted the tweet with the video from Insider, adding his own message to his followers. "I really, really love this," he wrote.

While Evans has helped anchor the Marvel Studios side of Disney for the last several years, Toy Story has been a steady success for the Pixar branch for even longer. Both have been instrumental in helping the House of Mouse become the absolute juggernaut that it is today.


Unfortunately for Evans, he has yet to appear in a Pixar movie to this point, though that could always change in the future. Two of his major MCU co-stars have just recently made the jump to Pixar. Chris Pratt and Tom Holland, known for playing Peter Quill and Spider-Man, are set to star in the next Pixar movie to hit theaters, Andrew Stanton's Onward. The film follows two brothers in a fantasy world, setting off together on a mysterious quest.

Toy Story 4 is now playing in theaters and Onward opens on March 6, 2020.