Fans Launch #GiveCaptainAmericaABoyfriend Campaign On Twitter


It turns out that Elsa isn't the only character that Twitter wants to play matchmaker with.

After the hashtag #GiveElsaAGirlfriend took off not too long ago, another like-minded hashtag surfaced, this time centering around Marvel's Steve Rodgers, aka Captain America. Rogers already has a love interest as of Captain America: Civil War, that being Sharon Carter (Agent 13), but there are many who would still like to see the character with another hero in particular.

Some of the best responses are included below (via USA Today), but if he were to have a boyfriend, it is pretty much unanimous that it would be Bucky. Some really valid points are made, including the fact that he took on the government, Hydra, and his own team to protect him, and that closeness could extend past friendship.

For Actor Chris Evans, it wasn't something that ever really occurred to him while playing the part (via The Flickering Myth), but he did admit to being awfully distracted by Bucky actor Sebastian Stan. Must be the hair.


"That wouldn't be so bad. It's just never been part of my approach to the character. My subtext didn't involve that dynamic. I think even with the first Captain America film you see how drawn he is to Peggy Carter...I thought I put all that in the final scene, but maybe I didn't. Maybe I was just gazing at Sebastian too much."