Dentist Parodies ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ with Viral Billboard

A movie-loving Indiana dentist has gone viral after her pop culture-themed billboards parodying [...]

A movie-loving Indiana dentist has gone viral after her pop culture-themed billboards parodying Guardians of the Galaxy, The Walking Dead, and Star Wars caught the attention of the internet.

Frankfort, Indiana dentist Jill Snyder of ArDente Dental has debuted her latest billboard, 'Guardians of the Gums,' which comes complete with its own "Groot": a tooth saying, of course, "I am Tooth."

ArDente Dental's movie and TV-themed billboards can be viewed on their official Facebook page, with past designs featuring spins on Wonder Woman, Justice League, Trolls, Titanic, CSI and Minions.

"All of our advertising is based on movies or TV shows and we always try to have some kind of play on words or link it in some way," Snyder told SYFY WIRE. "We've done Star Wars too — we did Gum Wars and Return of the Floss."

ArDente Dental started this practice of sending up hit movies and television shows sometime around 2011, launching with Men in Black parody Women in Black. In the years since, Snyder and her staff have aimed to come up with monthly billboards.

"People try to create some fun ideas for me, but usually it comes mostly from my staff," Snyder said. "We've had some that patients have suggested. One of the Minions ones, somebody suggested, so we had a little shout out to them on the bottom of the billboard."

"My favorite Marvel movies have probably been the Guardians movies," she explained. "I didn't think I'd like them, but I actually loved them. And I've seen most of the Marvel movies."

Snyder tapped a local company for their latest television advertisement, which sees Snyder, "Gum"-ora, and "Baby Tooth" in battle against cavity bugs.

"I wanted to jump in like they did, but instead of having swords, I wanted to have my toothbrush," Snyder said. "Probably the hardest scene in the whole thing was when we tried to squirt toothpaste at it. That didn't work really well. We were squirting toothpaste all over the floor, trying to figure out ways to get it to squirt out."

Snyder and her team will next tackle R-rated Stephen King horror adaptation It, but will be careful not to veer too far from fun for her family-friendly business.

"The first thing they sent me was like, oh my God, this will ruin my business," Snyder said with a laugh. "It was so creepy. I was like, no, we can't do creepy. We have to do fun."