Marvel Fans Launch Petition to Bring 'Inhumans' Back for a Second Season

ABC hasn’t announced Inhumans' cancellation but fans are already trying to bring it back.It does [...]

ABC hasn't announced Inhumans' cancellation but fans are already trying to bring it back.

It does appear that ABC canceled Inhumans based on the network dropping the show from its press site. Still, there's been no official word.

Even so, fans aren't waiting to mount the comeback campaign. A petition is hoping to get 100 signatures in support of the show. The campaign currently has eight. Here's an excerpt from the campaign's mission statement:

The show had a decent story while every actor involved gave the best he could. Their performances are noteworthy and every problem about which the people complained was eventually solved or was a major plot point by the finale (Maximus' pure intentions were later revealed to be for his own, the monarch system's flaws were also acknowledged and so on).

For all the haters wanting this to be canceled, they seem to forget as to how Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. improved after the initial episodes and is currently one of the best comic book shows on air.

Further, once gone, these characters will never EVER return and that seems to me like such a waste. Instead, they should give the show another chance, maybe with a shorter run with a higher budget and with maybe a new showrunner as most of the people who hated Iron Fist and Scott Buck just transferred that hate for him on this show as well.

So, in a gist, all I'm saying is we deserve a proper Inhumans show, which the first season was definitely not. Even Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. did justice to Inhumans and surely, ABC needs to only give home to Inhumans for a year and then it can move on to the Disney streaming site in 2019.

At the TCA winter press tour, ABC head Channing Dungey commend on Inhumans. She said that the network was disappointed with how the series performed. She also said ABC hadn't yet decided on its future.

"It didn't perform for us at the level that we would've wanted," she said. "We haven't made any official decision yet about what we're going to pick up in May, but I will say that the numbers, unfortunately, were less exciting for us than we hoped they would be."