New 'Iron Fist' Season 2 Villain Reportedly Revealed

Iron Fist Season 2 Lady Gorgon

Marvel's Iron Fist is getting a season 2 on Netflix, despite the overwhelming fan and critic objection to the first season. Nonetheless, Marvel fans are hoping to see some significant improvements in Iron Fist season 2, and maybe that will start with its villain!

A new report from The Hashtag Show states that while the character of Davos is fully expected to return to oppose Danny Rand (maybe in his villainous "Steel Serpent" persona?), there will be another Marvel Comics villain appearing in the show, based on the casting call described below:

[TANYA PARKER](late-20’s, open ethnicity) As a freelance covert operative, Tanya has carried out many high-level missions. A chameleon adept at playing roles, Tanya inhabits the “part” that best fits the mission. SERIES REGULAR

THS speculates that "Tanya Parker" will turn out to be a famous Marvel female assassin, with the two best guesses being the following:

Lady Gorgon - Tanya Adrian is a top assassin of The Hand, and also a telepath able to manipulate minds, posing as their dead loved ones (as she did to The Punisher) or forcing them to experience the deaths of others. Her connection to The Hand and mental manipulation skills would make her a formidable threat for the Iron Fist.

Black Mamba - Tanya Sealy was an ex-call girl who got into a criminal operation with Roxxon. She was surgically enhanced to be given slight telepathic powers, able to smother opponents' minds with a deadly energy called the darkforce.

Both of these obscure female villains sound pretty similar on paper: tricky killers with a psychic edge. Lady Gorgon seems like the best bet - especially since the name "Black Mamba" call up too many Kill Bill comparisons.


Iron Fist season 2 will see Danny working as a street-level protector (where we left him in The Defenders), while the threats against him build in the shadows. Davos and Joy Meachum are now working together, while there's still whatever retribution that awaits Danny, for deserting the gates of K'un Lun. Luckily, Danny now has friends like Luke Cage to get his back.

Iron Fist season 2 starts production in a few weeks.