Loki: Tom Hiddleston Came Up With One of the Finale's Most Important Moments

While much of the Loki Season 1 finale focused on Jonathan Majors' He Who Remains explaining the [...]

While much of the Loki Season 1 finale focused on Jonathan Majors' He Who Remains explaining the ins and outs of the multiverse, the journeys of Loki and Sylvie came to a head in the episode's third act. The two disagreed about whether or not to trust He Who Remains, resulting in a fight, a long-awaited kiss, and a separation. Fans had been talking about a potential kiss between the characters for some time, but one of Loki's lines just before it was perhaps even more intimate. And it was all Tom Hiddleston's idea.

While speaking to EW about the finale, director Kate Herron explained that the last scene between Hiddleston and Sophia di Martino was being reworked and adjusted constantly, with changes being made right up until the day it was filmed. Loki's ever-important line, "I just want you to be okay," was an addition from Hiddleston ahead of filming.

"Me, the [finale] writer Eric [Martin], Tom, and Sophia, we were working on that speech that Loki says to her right up until the day before shooting, because we just wanted to get it right," Herron said. "I think those words — and this came from Tom, 'I just want you to be okay' — were so key because there's pain in that, right? Because he's evolved in ways and he's moved beyond his pain and anger, and he doesn't want that for her. You don't want that for someone you care about. But, she's just not quite on that path yet and she does still have that."

Some fans became frustrated with Sylvie after her decision to kill He Who Remains. They felt it was a betrayal of Loki, who tried to stop her, especially after the two shared their kiss. According to Herron, however, it wasn't a betrayal at all, and the kiss still mattered to both characters.

"I think for me the kiss was really beautiful because I don't think it was a deception, and I don't think it was a trick necessarily," said Herron. "I think for her, it was almost a goodbye. I think she does care about him, but it's just her feelings toward having to complete the mission overtook because she's not emotionally in the same place he was. I always think of Sylvie in this episode almost like how Loki was in Thor. She has all this anger and pain, and she isn't necessarily going to make the best decision with it."

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