Mark Ruffalo's Take on the LinkedIn Facebook Instagram and Tinder Meme Has the Internet Freaking Out

Mark Ruffalo was having a lot of fun on social media today as he took part in the four square social media meme. His take on the challenge focuses on LinkedIn Facebook Instagram and Tinder. The four-square grid is filled with four very different depictions of your life. For Ruffalo, he picked a studious picture for LinkedIn, a rather generic photo for Facebook, A group glamour shot for Instagram, and a towel picture for Tinder. So many different brands have taken part in the fun today, so it’s only natural that an MCU favorite would take part. But, some people have been critical of his portrayal of Bruce Banner in the current Marvel movies. Former Hulk actor Lou Ferrigno shared his opinions on Smart Hulk last year.

“What’s happening is that the first two Hulk movies, the CGI was improving, but the last one, Endgame, I was disappointed. Because the Hulk needs to be hideous, he needs to be a creature,” Ferrigno began at Canada’s Hamilton Comic Con. “You see in Endgame, Mark Ruffalo — I think it has a lot to do with him and Disney — I didn’t like the way it portrayed [Hulk]. It took away that beauty, that quality of the Hulk. That’s why a lot of people liked the series.”

“Doing voiceover is very hard, because when you’re doing voice work, I can’t do a scene with [another actor], I have to improvise. So when I did the voice for the film, they had me in a dark room. They only told me about the scene, so I had to improvise,” he continued. “I couldn’t talk for two days afterwards, because [the voice] comes from inside the chest, the strong bellow when the Hulk roars. It’s a challenge, it’s work. But I had to almost yell and talk like the Hulk thinks and feels. And now in this new film, the Hulk is having dialogue conversations, I think it basically just spoiled it.”

At a separate convention appearance in Canada last year, Ferrigno called Ruffalo a “wonderful actor” but admitted he disagrees with what he called a less-serious spin on the character.

“Mark is a wonderful actor. But we’ve had three different actors — we’ve had Eric Bana, Edward Norton and Mark Ruffalo. I like Bill Bixby the best, I like Edward Norton. But Ruffalo — I think he’s a wonderful actor, he blends in with the Marvel aspect of the Avengers — but I can’t take him seriously enough,” Ferrigno said at Montreal Comiccon. “Bill has that intensity, and you knew that when he was in danger, you could feel that intensity. But because of Marvel and Disney, they’ve taken a different direction. You can’t take it as seriously as the original series.”