Marvel Just Introduced a New Nova

Like many superhero mantles in the ever-expanding Marvel Universe, Nova is one that's worn by more than one character. While you have the likes of Richard Rider and Sam Alexander being the biggest two to shoulder the burden, other characters like Frankie Raye have also earned the Human Rocket nickname. Now, Marvel's has introduced yet another Nova into the canon and the hero is just a tad surprising. Heads up, full spoilers ahead for Conan 2099 #1.

Conan the Barbarian is now officially part of Earth-616 and as a part of that, he's had a starring role in Savage Avengers, a team-up starring some of the universe's most brutal characters. That story arc has also allowed for Gerry Duggan's Conan 2099 to be born, a one-shot that's part of Marvel's temporary revival of the 1990s guilty pleasure imprint. During Conan 2099, the evil witch Morgan le Fay possesses him, driving him mad and eventually, this causes him to give up his crown — after all, he feels the lands he rules have failed under his watch.

That's when the twist happens. As he wanders along aimlessly, a Nova Corpsman suddenly crashes into the Earth by his side. Dying, the injured corpsman orders Conan to take his helmet back to the Nova Citadel located in Los Angeles, now a city run by corporate greed and a privatized police force. While there, he finds the Citadel had been looted years ago and suddenly, the Worldmind boots up.

nova conan the barbarian
(Photo: Marvel Comics)

Before long, Conan orders the Worldmind to take the Citadel — which just so happens to be a massive spaceship — and drive it directly into the sun. What seemingly appears to be a suicidal move is revealed to be just all apart of a ploy — it was simply a way for Conan to break le Fay's curse and send her spirit off for good. Now without a kingdom and ship, Conan uses the Nova helmet to propel himself among the cosmos, seemingly hinting as a future as the next Nova.


Conan 2099 #1 is now in stores.