Marvel Introduces the Reverse Domino

Marvel's 'Dawn of X' relaunch continues fleshing out the new rebooted world of the X-Men in [...]

Marvel's "Dawn of X" relaunch continues fleshing out the new rebooted world of the X-Men in X-Force #7, which continues the dark storyline about the rise of sadistic new anti-mutant organization XENO. After Domino was captured by XENO and partially skinned alive, there's been question about what the human supremacy group plans to do with the genetic material they stole. Some of it was already used to help assassins to infiltrate the mutant island of Krakoa, but the vast majority of it has still been missing... until now. As X-Force #7 reveals, XENO has used Domino's skin to make their own luck-powered assassin - a "Reverse Domino," as it were.

Warning - X-Force #7 SPOILERS Follow!

The latest chapter of X-Force opens with Domino and Sage tracking a pattern of seemingly random assassinations that have taken place across the world (Italy, Toronto, Tokyo), in which target was eliminated by seemingly impossible sniper shots. However, what looks random to most is a clear pattern to Domino (and eventually Sage too): there's an assassin out there who has Domino's luck powers, and is targeting famous mutant sympathizers all over the world, in bloody, public kills.

Once Domino identifies that her stolen skin is being put to use in such a horrific way, she and Sage use the data about the assassin's target pattern to intercept the killer at an intellectual summit in Tahoe. Sure enough, the masked killer strikes again - but this time, Domino is there to intervene.

What plays out next is a sort of Spy vs. Spy chase and fight sequence, as Domino pursues her new shadow. While the assassin's luck powers were allowing those impossible kills to be carried out, Domino's luck was turned on its head, resulting in a string of bad luck incidents that followed her. However, when Domino comes face-to-face with her shadow, her luck powers kick in again, as she and the assassin seem to balance one another in a see-saw balance of good and bad luck.

Marvel Introduces Reverse Domino X-Force 7 (2020)
(Photo: Marvel Comics)

As X-Force #7 ends, the assassin and Domino end their ski slopes chase and shootout with a game of hide-and-seek inside the Big Woods Casino. The assassin uses Dom's luck powers to cause a gambler to hit jackpot and provide a major commotion as distraction. It's then that we get a full look at the assassin without a mask - and it turns out to be a black-skinned female with a white patch on her eye - basically the reverse color scheme of Domino herself!

We don't get a name for the assassin, or a clear reveal about her origins and powers, but that's surely coming soon.

X-Force #7 is now on sale.